Welcome Bonus

Lincoln Casino offers an unparalleled bonus offer for new players. Purchase $25 or more in credits and Lincoln Casino will match your deposit 100% up to a maximum bonus of $1,000 on your first 5 deposits! 5x $1,000!

In order to claim this bonus; check the appropriate box in the cashier when purchasing your credits. The bonus funds will be automatically added to your account immediately once your payment is authorized.

All bonuses at Lincoln Casino are subject to our standard Bonus Terms and Conditions which can be viewed on the Lincoln Casino website.

Lincoln Rewards

Lincoln Rewards is a tiered loyalty program that offers exceptional bonus and rewards opportunities.
Membership is free, and automatic, once an initial purchase of $25.00 in credits has been made. You will earn comp points in your account for all wagers placed on all games at Lincoln Casino. As your points accumulate you will move automatically through the six levels, earning comp points at a faster rate and becoming eligible for higher levels of bonus as you go.
Your account level and current comp point balance is shown in the casino client lobby. You may redeem your comp points for bonus credits at any time by visiting the cashier.

Amber level: Minimum 10% bonus on all deposits; earn comp points at Amber level.

Earn 10,000 comp points, move to Bronze level; minimum 15% bonus on all deposits.

Earn 50,000 comp points, move to Silver level; minimum 20% bonus on all deposits.

Earn 100,000 comp points, move to Gold level; minimum 25% bonus on all deposits.

Earn 500,000 comp points, move to Platinum level; minimum 30% bonus on all deposits.

Earn 1,000,000 comp points, move to Diamond level; minimum 35% bonus on all deposits

Comp Points

Earn comp points on every wager you make, whether it's with bonus money or cash!
Unlike most casinos where you only earn comp points for slot play, at Lincoln Casino you earn comp points on all wagers on all games!
Redeem your comp points for bonus funds directly into your casino account and use your comp points to earn more comps!

For every $100 in wagers you will earn comp points in your account based on the multipliers below

Amber: Slots/Keno = 160 points; Table games = 60 points; Video poker = 50 points; Blackjack = 30 points

Bronze: Slots/Keno = 176 points; Table games = 66 points; Video poker = 55 points; Blackjack = 33 points

Silver: Slots/Keno = 192 points; Table games = 72 points; Video poker = 60 points; Blackjack = 36 points

Gold: Slots/Keno = 208 points; Table games = 78 points; Video poker = 65 points; Blackjack = 39 points

Platinum: Slots/Keno = 224 points; Table games = 84 points; Video poker = 70 points; Blackjack = 42 points

Diamond: Slots/Keno = 240 points; Table games = 90 points; Video poker = 75 points; Blackjack = 45 points

1,000 points can be exchanged for $1.00. Comp points are redeemed via the casino cashier

Lincoln Rewards Bonuses

Lincoln Casino is pleased to be able to offer exceptional bonuses, every day of the week to all our players. To claim any of the weekly bonuses listed in the table, please visit the cashier, purchase at least the minimum required and check the appropriate button in the cashier. Once your transaction has been processed the bonus will be automatically applied to your account*

Purchase $25 and receive 10%-35% bonus, depending on your account level.
Purchase $35 and receive 20%-45% bonus, depending on your account level.
Purchase $50 and receive 50% up to $100.
Purchase $100 and receive 100% up to $200*
Purchase $200 and receive 150% up to $350*
Weekend Specials, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
Purchase $50 and receive 100% match bonus up to $200*
*Available on the first purchase of the day only

Wagering requirements are displayed in the cashier at time of purchase. Full details are available on the Lincoln Casino website

*Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.